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Life of a Corona Virus Part -2

Life of a Corona Virus  Well on June 8, 2020  just after putting the topic header for my next blog, I stopped abruptly & decided to not carry on with this particular piece less in anticipation for another mayhem but more with a belief that when things are in Dire strait only 1 thing does come to rescue ...  not IGNORANCE & ARROGANCE but  Self-Belief & Self-Discipline!! Little did I know then that I will be reporting this page not because of destiny but due to the sheer Ignorance & Arrogance of we Indian !! Thought of writing again has been pushing me since couple of days.. not that I have boxful of big ideas & magic wand to cure all miseries in our lives but probably because I m feeling so crazy for this pathetic condition back again in our lives..  Feeling of helplessness this time is zillion times higher than last time.  Last time every piece of information was kind of learning some novel piece and somehow covid impact was not in my immediate circle. B

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